This post assumes reader context on the crash of the Kaspa network in the course of the last 48 hours, and provides some additional notes and perspective.

(1) To simplify logic and debugging, and since the gamenet concept didn’t really catch air, I removed the random block reward and replaced…

First and foremost I wanted to thank you all for joining and forming this community, for the interest, excitement, and involvement around the project. Seeing my PhD obsession — POW DAG consensus — realize itself into a live network and a spontaneous community is thrilling yet humbling. Thank you, Todah!


  • launch Kaspa in gamenet mode, a research oriented experimental network
  • inject deliberate fragility into Kaspa launch via random semi-scarce monetary policy
  • construct battlefield for reward-based and MEV-based reorgs
  • as community matures and hashrate grows, go full scarcity mode, transition from game- to main- net mode, rendering early (gamenet) stage…

Don’t trust, terrify!

The “don’t trust, verify!” slogan is beyond my comprehension. I board airplanes without verifying anything about the pilot or the aircraft; I visit restaurants and foolishly eat — without verifying what will be transmitted to my blood; I take medicines without verifying the supply chain. …

Why is Ethereum Ethereum

Sure, Ethereum is great and all, but why? What exactly made it into this vibrant and innovative ecosystem? And can it last? I’m writing this post in an attempt to clarify to self and pinpoint Ethereum’s unique value offering and the emergent decentralized finance ecosystem.

Ethereum’s success is commonly ascribed…

Yonatan Sompolinsky

GHOST protocol (Ethereum), CS postdoc @ Harvard

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