Don’t trust, terrify!

The “don’t trust, verify!” slogan is beyond my comprehension. I board airplanes without verifying anything about the pilot or the aircraft; I visit restaurants and foolishly eat — without verifying what will be transmitted to my blood; I take medicines without verifying the supply chain. …

A personal take

Fun fact: Many Bitcoiners believe that Bitcoin’s 10-minute block time is not too slow and that having a fast block rate is not useful.

DAGlabs is a for-profit entity whose business model is based on mining Kaspa. DAGlabs is additionally funding many core Kaspa devs and researchers.

Fair launch

Kaspa contains no premine or founders’ rewards.

At the same time, Kaspa is neither attempting nor pretending to be a “fair launch” coin, as the term “fair”…

In his youth he reasoned: Since gold is more valuable, it ranks as money; whilst silver, which is of lesser value, is regarded as commodity… But at a later age he reasoned: Since silver [coin] is current, it ranks as money; whilst gold, which is not current, is accounted as…

Why is Ethereum Ethereum

Sure, Ethereum is great and all, but why? What exactly made it into this vibrant and innovative ecosystem? And can it last? I’m writing this post in an attempt to clarify to self and pinpoint Ethereum’s unique value offering and the emergent decentralized finance ecosystem.

Ethereum’s success is commonly ascribed…

Yonatan Sompolinsky

GHOST protocol (Ethereum), CS postdoc @ Harvard

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